Garda’s Lake: the Cycle Path of Garda, how to get there and where to park

If you are traveling around Garda’s Lake in Nord Italy, you shouldn’t miss the amazing Cycle Path of Garda, named Ciclopista del Garda or Ciclopedonale del Garda that, from the Hotel Panorama of Limone sul Garda (Reamol locality), reaches the border with the autonomous province of Trento.

Tha Cycle Path of Garda is not very easy to reach but, in this article, I will explain in detail how to get there, where to park and where to rent a bike, if you need one.

the cycle-pedestrian of Garda

Designed to be traveled by bicycle, the Cycle Path of Garda can also be traveled on foot, offering an extraordinary view overlooking the lake. 

Two and a half meters wide at something like fifty meters height overhanging the lake, clinging to the rock walls, runs for 2,5 km parallel to the main road Gardesana, known as Strada Statale 45 bis.

Must say that, with its metal structure and the wood-effect concrete flooring, seems almost to be on board a beautiful and huge sailing ship.

The works for its construction is quite recent, started on 26 September 2016, inaugurated on 14 July 2018.

However, this cycle path is only the beginning of a biggest project named Ciclovia del Garda that witch, with its approximately 140 km, will embrace Garda’s Lake, touching the regions of Trentino, Veneto and Lombardy, with possible connection to the already existing cycleways of Del Sole and Del Vento.

the cycle-pedestrian of Garda
Lago di Garda barche

Cycle-pedestrian of Garda – How to get there and were to park

By bus, with the Brescia Nord S202. You can get it at the Brescia train station, direct to Riva del Garda, and get off at Limone-Hotel Panorama, where the path begins.

If you prefer traveling by car, the question it’s not much the road, the main problem is where to park as there are no parking lots near the cyclopist.

The nearest regular place to park is at Limone sul Garda’s center. There you can find a big multi-storey car park, as well as a large street parking.
Use this link on your google maps, to get there easily.

I definitely advise you NOT to venture out in leaving your car in the hotel Panorama park, near the path, because you might risk not finding it anymore… controls are very strict and the traffic police could take your car away.

ciclopedonale del Garda parcheggio Limone ciclabile limone dove parcheggiare

How to get to the cycle path from the parking lot

Once parked, you must proceed on foot, by Via Lungolago Guglielmo Marconi, having the lake on your right, then cross Piazza Garibaldi and continue along the new Via Reamol. Pass the Astor Hotel, the Hotel Villa Romantica and, a little further, you will see a staircase on your left that will lead you into the main road SS45bis (alternatively, wanting to avoid the stairs, there’s a steep road a few meters ahead).

Once you’ve reached the main road, go right, until you see the beginning of the cycle way.

This first part goes up and down, so I recommend you to were comfortable shoes and having with you a water bottle, mainly if you do it in summer, when the temperature is really high.

You can find this part of the path in the map below.

The whole round trip is about 10 km  (2,5 km from the parking to the Hotel Panorama – where the cyclepist begins- and another 2,5 km of cycle way)

Cycle path of Garda
Cyclopist of Garda Ciclopedonale del Garda

Cycle-pedestrian of Garda – Bike and eBike rental

Near the multi-storey car park of the Lungolago Marconi, a rental point has been set up where you can rent eBikes to be used exclusively for the cycle path.
Rates: 20 euros half day, 30 euros all day.

If you plan to prolong the trip riding an eBike, then contact Let’s Go Limone in Via IV Novembre, 20, adjacent to the Hotel Limone
Rates: 25 euros half day, 39 euros full day
There you can also rent Mountain-bikes, City-Bikes and children’s bicycles.

Another point where you can rent a City-Bike is Tombola Rent in Via Luigi Einaudi, 1 / b
Rates: 15 euros 5 hours, 18 euros the whole day

the cycle path of Garda
the cycle-pedestrian of Garda

Did you get hungry?

If at the end of the journey you feel hungry, and wish to eat something by the lake, before retaking your car or bus, I suggest you the Astor Spiaggia Snack Bar with a friendly service. You can also take the chance to dive into the beautiful waters of the lake, at the beach nearby.

cycle path of Garda Ciclopedonale del Garda

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me here or in the comments below.

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3 commenti su “Garda’s Lake: the Cycle Path of Garda, how to get there and where to park”

  1. Wow, I like these kind of cycle ways which are panoramic, mainly on plain and not too hard to cycle on! 😉 Unfortunately it’s really short, just 2,5km is really too little, let’s hope they will go on building new kilometres of cycling path along this astonishingly beautiful place!

  2. I am confused about walking and climbing up the stairs if I have already rented my ebike. If I have parked my car and rented the ebike, can I follow the directions and ride it up the steep road to the Cyclopath to avoid the 2.5K each way?

    • Hi Kathleen
      If you’re on a bicycle don’t have to take the stairs, you can just go ahead on Via Remol and take the next street on your left, which will take you to the main road. A few meters ahead on the right, you will see the beginning of the cycle path.


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