Personal Travel Shopper – what do I do?

You want to travel around Italy but can’t decide where to go,
what to visit, finding all the activities you love?
Don’t worry, I will take care of it.

I’ll create your dream trip, based on your preferences, and needs. Together we’ll draw up a perfect, personalized and “tailor-made” perfect vacation.

What turns a holiday into a special vacation, is when it meets your every expectation: a different journey from what others have done, at the same destination, but which reflects your desires and your personal way of being.

It is not easy to choose the perfect destination, which offers everything we are looking for, and this is where I take over, helping you with this.

Personal Travel shopper assistente di viaggio

How do I do it?

– Personal Travel Shopper 

After a free 40-minute chat or live call, to get to know your preferences, habits, budget and more in detail, I’ll give you a personalized travel card, tailor-made, that suites all your needs.

In the form that I will give you, you will find three different destinations and, for each, a list of options for:

  • Transfers
  • Accommodations
  • Activities
  • Restaurants
  • Possible local tourist guide

…And everything else you need, like a professional photographer, for example.

Cost of your personal travel plan service: €210 / $245

– Personal Travel Shopper for one destination

If you already have a specific destination in mind, I’ll create a personalized itinerary for you, with all that this area has to offer, based on your wishes, and needs.

The service includes:

  •  Free 40-minute chat or live call
  •  Form with itinerary and a customized list of options for:
  •  Transfers
  •  Accommodations
  •  Activities
  •  Restaurants
  •  Local tour guide

… And everything else you need and want.

Cost of your personal travel plan service for one single destination: €110 / $130

The Personal Travel Shopper service can be enriched with the following options:

Personal Travel Shopper - assistente di viaggio

Booking Assistance

If you are unfamiliar with online booking or afraid of making some mistakes, I virtually assist you in choosing and booking the services you prefer.

Costo: €75 / $88

Personal Travel Shopper - compagna virtuale

Virtual travel companion

If you’re afraid of feeling lonely and would you like someone to talk with while, for example, going around, having dinner at the restaurant or if you simply forgot the name or the address of the hotel…

Don’t worry, you can call me whenever you want, and I’ll be there, virtually, near you.

Cost: €75 / $88


Personal Travel Shopper Coach

Travel coach operation: your traveling “caregiver”

When you want to learn how to travel alone but, for your first experience, you would like to have someone that shows you, step by step how to do it, we can travel together!

If you want, I can come with you, on your first trip alone, teach you all the safety secrets, all my expertise in a training trip that teaches you how to become an independent traveler.

Contact me to find out how it works!